How to Get a Gorilla Chest

No matter what your reason for going to the gym, they all want that impressive wide chest. It is the first thing we notice in the mirror and can really add confidence. So how do you get a bigger chest? Read on to find out.

The chest as a group of muscles, tendons and ligaments is no different than any other muscle group. Albeit one of the smaller groups, part of the push anatomy. To gain size and mass, you need to train regularly and with correct form, and most importantly eat right. Getting a good tear and replenishing is no easy feat, so here are a few exercises you should be trying with some top tips to help you get there.

Like all muscle groups, which can be broken down, the chest can be split as below:

  • Upper
  • Middle
  • Outer

These respectively all have an inner and outer but this isn’t too important as you will find out. It is worth noting that although Triceps aren’t part of the chest muscle group, they do assist within all chest exercises. So no we have covered the basics. Let’s get on to what exercises you should be doing.

1) Flat Bench

Although this can be one with dumbbells, it is worth noting that using a barbell, will give more control, and power. As well as this it is easier to spot. So chuck this at the beginning of your routine, and keep it heavy. Ensure the weight stays over your chest, your firmly in place on the bench and make sure to come all the way down in a controlled manner, really engaging them pecs. Remember, don’t lock out at the top but squeeze. You can always add the dumbbell press later in your routine, this will help engage your balance and smaller fibres that assist with control.

2) Incline Bench

Again, this is a heavy hitter exercise, that should be in everyone’s routine. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and swap with flat bench for that number one spot, giving a chance to go heavier and tear the upper pec. Like flat bench, you can comfortably add dumbbell incline press into your routine too, for added upper chest.

3) Machine Decline Press

This will target that lower pec. It is best to always do this after, as using a machine will remove any need to engage the stabiliser muscles. Remember this doesn’t mean that you shouldnt adhere to strict form. To the chest, slow and controlled reps, aim for that squeeze.

4) Seated Chest Press

This machine is greater for really focusing on the chest muscles. With a lower hit on the deltoid heads, this can really target the chest. Weight stack machines also have a great positive of being easy to do a drop set. Not one to be missed and should be part of everyone’s routine.

5) Chest Flyes

There are many forms of chest flyes and it’s worth adding a couple from this list.

Incline dumbbell bench fly

Upper pec cable fly

Cable crossover fly

Incline cable bench fly


Chest Flyes are great for  hitting the outer and inner chest, these constantly keep tension, don’t overload the joint, keep that full range of movement to get the best results.

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